2020 Africa Twin Adventure-Sports-wind-deflector

The SWEGOTECH Forkshield for the 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports is probably the best working Forkshield I've built so far and I am very proud of it. I am sure you will love the result as well. It took me a while to bring it to perfection, but all this was so worth the 50+ different protoypes I've created. So I am super excited and looking forward to hear about your results with it :-)

Swen, owner of SWEGOTECH

The SWEGOTECH Forkshield is the perfect solution to reduce helmet vibrations/wind buffeting. On many adventure-touring motorcycles like the amazing Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports the upwind from the fork tunnel hits your helmet and can cause annoying and loud turbulence. Especially if you prefer to ride with a very practical and nice looking ADV helmet with a peak and flip-up visor.

This forktunnel updraft will hit your dual-sport helmet peak from below. These violent upwinds can be strong enough to shake your helmet. This is not only loud and uncomfortable, but also dangerous because it can cause blurry vision, headache and even neckpain on longer motorcycle tours. Furthermore you can feel this upwind also on your shoulders/chest area and bugs and dirt can also come through the fork tunnel.

So, when you find it hard to read street signs due to the vibrations on your head when driving 50mph (80Km/h) or faster, our SWEGOTECH Forkshield is the solution you are looking for. Many riders install expensive third party windscreen in the hope to reduce these helmet vibrations. In most cases it does not bring the solution these bike owners are looking for, because even the biggest windshield can only stop the wind from the front and not stop the real reason for the problem, the upwinds coming from your fork tunnel. The SWEGOTECH Forkshield works also perfect in combination with larger third party windshields. It deflects the airflow enough to help reduce the helmet vibrations, but still lets enough air through at the front of the fork tunnel to avoid a vacuum effect behind the windshield. Taller riders experience the helmet vibration problem even more often due to their higher riding position, the forktunnel wind can catch their helmet peak even easier. Also the very practical flip-front modular adventure helmets are more prone to these kind of vibrations. Usually their peak is only mounted at two points of the helmet. Helmets with stronger peaks on the other hand will cause more stress on the neck muscles. But we have the solution to fix all this!

The SWEGOTECH Forkshield is an efficient, lightweight, good looking and affordable solution to reduce or even eliminate Africa Twin Adventure Sports helmet vibrations. Our tests show that the rider will benefit/feel the improvement by the SWEGOTECH Forkshield technology strongest at speeds between 65mph to 90mph. To make sure that our products work, we tested our Forkshields many miles on- and offroad, with DCT and manual transmission bikes including summer rides to the Death Valley at 127F (54Celsius) in the shade, or even long high speed tests on the German Autobahn during the cold winter. So, that you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable riding experience.

Please watch the following video that quickly explains & demonstrates our Swegotech Forkshield updraft deflector on your Africa Twin
(Note: This video shows the regular 16' Africa Twin, but the result on the 2020 CRF1100 Adventure Sports are even better)

The Swegotech Forkshield is CNC-Lasercut and Made in the USA. The kit includes all parts/screws needed for the installation (tools not included) and will fit on your bike without drilling any holes. Note: The SWEGOTECH Forkshield is only designed and tested to fit with the stock handlebar and handlebar mounts and with the fork clamps in stock position. If your motorcycle is not stock anymore or you add other accessories like tankbags to your bike, please click here for more information

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- Fits only 2020-2023 CRF1100 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports manual and DCT models
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IT WORKS!!! 140km/h on my autobahn: no vibrations in my helmet or my viewing glasses!

Comment by "PIF VML" on SWEGOTECH YouTube channel

This neatly finished Swegotech Forkshield has an impressive effect. Noise and vibrations have decreased significantly at my height and with my helmets. I already have the second Africa Twin Adventure Sports and immediately reinstalled the Swegotech Forkshield. Only the original was the option for me.

Email by Juffel, German Trueadventure.de Forum

I can also vouch for SWEGOTECH. Well worth it.

Mark @ CRF1000 & 1100 Africa Twin Group -- Facebookgroup

The deflector is quick and easy to install (about 5-10 minutes) without drilling any holes into your bike.



Ich muss sagen, dein Forkshield für die 2020er Adventure Sports ist ein regelrechtes Meisterstück. Selbst bei Geschwindigkeiten jenseits von 180 km/h ist das Schild meines Helmes absolut vibrationsfrei. Ich bin begeistert!

Matze_F800, German Trueadventure.de Forum

Hatte noch nie so eine ruhige und vibrationsarme Fahrt wie heute! Absolut krass, wie sehr sich das Teil bezahlt macht. Hast Du super hinbekommen.

Daywalker, German Trueadventure.de Forum

Ich habe auch gerade die Probefahrt hinter mir. Ein klasse Teil. Ich fahre den E1 und habe bei 120 km/h keine Vibrationen mehr am Schirm. Eine super Investition.

Otti, German Trueadventure.de Forum

Habe mir mein Forkshield gestern montiert und heute ausgiebig getestet. Der Unterschied mit und ohne ist schon gravierend.

Nobi, German Trueadventure.de Forum

Ich hab das Swegotech an meiner 2020er ATAS. Das macht einen sehr großen Unterschied und jetzt ist es sehr angenehm ruhig.

Volker @ CRF1000 & 1100 Africa Twin Group -- Facebookgroup

Stop 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports helmet vibrations