about us

Hi there. I am Swen Goebbels and a huge motorcycle enthusiast (well basically I love everything with wheels and a motor) :-) I got my first motorcycle with 15 in Germany, later I drove rallies (car) and even started at a few enduro motorcycle races. Most time of my life all my jobs were related to cars or motorcycles.

SWEGOTECH is my new 'baby' and it was born with the release of this website in January 2017. It all started after I bought my beautiful Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000L in September 2016 (for my birthday). It was almost the perfect motorcycle for me. Something I was waiting for a really long time. But when I rode the first time on the interstate, I discovered a big problem I had with the bike. In combination with my adventure helmet my head started to vibrate so bad at a higher speed, that I had problems to read street signs. I was disappointed.

So I removed the helmet peak to get rid of the problem, but then the sun was blinding me. And riding offroad the peak is a must have thing for me. I knew I had to look for a solution to fix the problem. Sadly I found out, that installing a bigger windshield was not the solution I have been looking for. My helmet was still vibrating. At this point I realized, the air from the front isn't causing the turbulence at higher speed. I then thought, I might have just bought the wrong helmet. But even with another Enduro helmet my ride wasn't comftable - I got the same helmet vibrations than before.

Now I started to dig deeper into the topic and educated myself more about aerodynamics of a motorcycle. The more I researched in the internet or talked with other owners of Adventure bikes in person, the more I realized, that many have similar problems. And there was no real solution to fix them. At this point I knew, the updraft coming from the fork tunnel was the reason for the helmet vibrations. I heard stories of creative people trying to fix this with plumber foam pieces, shields above the handlebar, rubber mats or stuffing all kinds of things into the fork tunnel. As much as I love to be creative, but MacGyver-like sticking an old sock with a bubble gum into the fork tunnel wasn't my preferred solution for a $15,000 motorcycle ;-) Also I wanted the best possible result without any danger of blocking the steering when doing sharp turns riding offroad.

Luckily I've gained a lot of experience in my life in designing and developing products. Just for myself I wanted a functional solution to fix my Africa Twin helmet vibration problem. One of my companies is operating a very nice CNC-Laser for a few years now. And I used it to build a prototype for me. I showed the prototype to my friend a fellow Africa Twin owner and he loved it so much, that he also wanted one for his bike. Only then I thought about producing the perfect solution also for other riders with the same helmet vibration problems.

Building something for yourself is quite different than offering a finished product for sale. So, I spent much more time and money in developing the perfect, good looking and affordabe "Forkshield" then. After in total about 30 different prototypes and a lot of testing, I finally found the most optimized solution in every aspect.

For me it is a night and day difference to ride my Africa Twin with my new SWEGOTECH FORKSHIELD updraft deflector and I am sure you will be as happy with it as I am :-)


about us

Product test at Death Valley

about us

Our tour to the 2019 Sturgis Bike Rally... including some offroad shortcuts :-)

Our tour to the Sturgis motorcycle Rallye 2019

Michaela when she's not working in the SWEGOTECH office :-)

Michaela riding a Yamaha R3