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No more helmet vibrations from that terrible updraft that literally made the Africa Twin un rideable above 65mph. You nailed it Swen. My life is so much better.

Mike D. -- happy Forkshield user

The SWEGOTECH Forkshield is the perfect solution to reduce CRF1000L Africa Twin helmet vibrations. On many dual-sport bikes or adventure-touring motorcycles like the new and amazing Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L the upwind which hits your helmet from the fork tunnel can cause annoying and loud turbulence around your helmet. Especially if you prefer to ride with a very practical and nice looking ADV helmet with a peak and flip-up visor.

The forktunnel updraft will hit your dual-sport helmet peak from below, but your helmet is mainly designed for the airflow which is coming from the front. These violent upwinds can be so strong, that the helmet starts to vibrate. This is not only loud and uncomfortable, but also dangerous because it can cause blurry vision, headache and even neckpain on longer tours. Furthermore you can feel this upwind also on your shoulders and chest area.

So, if you noticed, that it is hard to read road signs due to the vibrations on your head when driving 50mph (80Km/h) or faster, the SWEGOTECH Forkshield is the solution you are looking for. Many riders install third party windshields in the hope to reduce these helmet vibrations. But on some bikes this only works with mixed results, because even the biggest windshield can only stop the wind from the front and not the upwinds coming from your fork tunnel. The SWEGOTECH Forkshield works also perfect in combination with larger third party windshields. It reduces the airflow enough to help with the vibrations, but still lets enough air through to avoid a vacuum effect behind the windshield. Taller riders experience the helmet vibration problem even more often. Due to their riding position, the forktunnel wind can catch their helmet peak even easier. And also the very practical flip-front modular adventure helmets are more prone to these vibrations, because usually their peak is only mounted at two points of the helmet. Helmets with stronger peaks on the other hand will cause more stress on the neck muscles. But we have the solution to fix all this!

The SWEGOTECH Forkshield is an efficient, lightweight, good looking and affordable solution to reduce or even eliminate Africa Twin CRF1000L helmet vibrations. Our tests show that the rider will benefit/feel the improvement by the SWEGOTECH Forkshield technology strongest at speeds between 65mph to 90mph. We tested it many miles on- and offroad, DCT and manual transmission versions, from the hot desert of Nevada to high speed tests in cold winter weather on the German Autobahn. So, that you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable riding experience.

Please watch the following video that quickly explains & demonstrates the effect of our Swegotech Forkshield updraft deflector on an Africa Twin CRF1000L:

The Swegotech Forkshield is CNC-Lasercut and Made in the USA. This kit includes all parts/screws needed for the installation (tools not included) and will fit on your bike without drilling any holes. Note: The SWEGOTECH Forkshield is only designed and tested to fit with the stock handlebar and handlebar mounts and with the fork clamps in stock position. If your motorcycle is not stock anymore or you add other accessories like tankbags to your bike, please click here for more information

Price: $39.95 - In Stock -
- Fits all regular 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin manual/DCT models- (Here you find the Adventure Sports version)
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...this may be the best $39 you spend on your AT. It is a very well thought out and delivered kit, top notch quality and construction backed by great customer service.

Rob --

Note: Their motorcycle compressors are amazing !!!

The deflector is quick and easy to install (about 5 minutes) without drilling any holes into your bike.



In short, if you are having issues with helmet vibrations, I highly recommend that you try this before anything else. I installed this with no other modifications to the stock screen and feel that I will not need anything else regarding this issue.

Dan from Kentucky on the

I made up my own shield with some rubber sheet which solved the problem but it looked crap. The Swegotech Forkshield looks great and works beautifully. It could easily be OEM. It has good instructions and installation was a 5 minute job. Riding at speed is now a pleasure ...

Geoff from Australia

Just received my unit last week and couldn't be happier. It has completely transformed the windflow and bufferting and saved me a lot of money with new windshield etc. I must admit I was not expecting much but I am really amazed about the difference. And the fit and finish was spot on, almost looks as it was originally installed on the bike. For info I have the high oem shield and a schubert E1. My height is 175cm

Christian from Denmark

I definitely say that for 45 bucks I think it's worth it if you guys are having issues with buffeting.... I like the finish of it. I think it ties in with the bike really well, almost if it was factory. So yeah I give it a thumbs up

Leo Steiner (check out his Youtube Channel !!!)

Meine DCT AT wollte ich schon in der ersten Woche verkaufen, denn mit dem Wummern am Helm war die AT nicht sicher fahrbar. Ich sah alles doppelt.......SWEGOTECH Forkshield drauf und gut ist. Bis 140 km/h mit offenenm Visier ist kein Problem. Jetzt habe ich Spass. :dance: ... es ist faszinierend, genial und simply awesome! Es funktioniert! :-) Bin Probegefahren und das Wummern am Helm, die Turbulenzen und Verwirbelungen sind einfach weg. Der MRA X-Screen Zusatzspoiler am Windschild kann weg. So kann ich wieder mit Freude fahren. Danke für das SWEGOTECH Forkshield!!! Super Job!

Message from Carsten, German Forum

One problem that all of the Africa Twin that I've ridden so far had, is the wind from the fork tunnel which is hitting the bottom of my helmet. That FORKSHIELD fills in this gap and makes that wind disappear.... The amount of wind that is coming up and the amount of movement on this helmet will be dramatically reduced. It's a huge benefit to anybody riding an Africa Twin or an Africa Twin Adventure Sports model... It's been 13minutes since I hit the record button and that was exactly how long it took us to get this SWEGOTECH Forkshield installed on this Africa Twin... the clarity that you're gonna have as you ride down the road, not getting buffeted and shook around is huge. I'm not getting any of that side to side head buffeting that we were getting yesterday (without the Forkshield).
Thank you Swen for creating a simple product that creates such a big difference.

Kyle Bradshaw (watch his Youtube review below)

This shield does as advertised. I installed it on my Africa Twin. I wear a scorpion AT-950. Before the installation the buffeting was intolerable at speeds over 50. Now no buffeting anymore. Great product.

Ebay Review

I had a lot of helmet (Schuberth e1) vibrations on my AT2017 (with tall windshield). That product solved 80% - 90% of it which makes me really happy. Definitely worth to have it!

Ebay Review

A perfect solution for the tall riders, thank you. Fast and easy to install. Nice look. The quality is fine. Tested on 150 kmph (almost a 100 mph), and it stopped not just the disturbing resonances but some turbulent noises too.

Ebay Review

Beautiful fit and finish. Looks like an OEM part. Extremely pleased!

Ebay Review

Perfect for my bike. Removed all helmet buffeting. Fast shipping. Thank you.

Ebay Review

Expensive to import to the UK but it was worth it. A simple effective design.

Ebay Review

Had it for a month, this thing really works! Saved the price of a new screen!

Ebay Review

What a great product, simple but so effective, recomended. thank you

Ebay Review

Works great and looks like factory part. A+

Ebay Review

Cuts the updraft wind. Glad I make the purchase.

Ebay Review

Works as advertised, looks factory!

Ebay Review

It solved all my problems with the Schuberth C4 -vibrations gone!!!

Ebay Review

Easy to install and works

Ebay Review

Excellent fit and finnish, works great.

Ebay Review

Fitted up my Swegotech Forkshield today. Made a big difference and saved me buying a taller or different screen. Very happy with the quality and fit. Looks like a factory accessory.

Africa Twin Accessories -- Facebookgroup

The Forkshield is the best comfort mod.

Will @ CRF1000 & 1100 Africa Twin Group -- Facebookgroup

It solved 99% of the turbulence issues. I had super low expectations when I was installing it, but only smiles when I cranked it up to 75 mph with *no* helmet shake. Problem solved!

Normallo @ Forum

The fork shield is money well spent, does a lot to quiet things down.

Drif10 @ Forum

I've been using the Swen diffuser for the last month and it has stopped 98 % of the high frequency buffeting. Running an Arai XD4 with peak and OEM touring screen, huge improvement.

zoro @ Forum

I promptly ordered the Swegotech style forkshield and it works great for me. Stock low windshield. I'm 5'10' and wearing the Shoei Hornet X2 helmet with the visor.

Liv2Pla @ Forum

LOVE my Swegotech wind deflector! I honestly feel like I MADE money by not having go down the expensive rabbit-hole of aftermarket windscreens and mirrors... Buffeting is gone on stock windscreen. Thank you!

Chinook1 @ Forum

I like it! Helps big time with the buffeting. I definitely would recommend it. Fit and finish top notch! Does what it's supposed to do. Much smoother and more enjoyable ride now...

Shawn from Florida @ SWEGOTECH Facebook page

Africa Twin CRF1000L Produkt testing in Germany